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The deputy opened the drawers and rattled the implements
about with a forefinger. He looked up at the man, asking,
" This all you got?" The man nodded and said, " Yassuh."
The deputy turned to Mr. Munn, inquiring with an inflection
of patience, " Reckon we better shake it down?"
Mr. Munn nodded.

" You better call Monroe in, then," the deputy said.
Mr. Munn went to the back door of the room, opened it,
and spoke the man's name loudly. He watched the tall
figure detach Itself from the ring of shadow under the trees
and approach across the clearing, its own dark shadow swim-
ming before it in the pure light.

When Monroe entered, Burke looked up from a box of
nails and scrap-iron and wire and twine which he was
examining, and said, "Just start in anywhere." Monroe
went to a trunk that stood in the corner across from the
store and lifted the lid. In it, Mr. Munn could see, was
nothing but a small heap of clothes on the bottom. Monroe
seized them with both hands and shook them. There was
nothing else in the trunk.

"It ain't in here," Burke announced shortly; "we better go
in the other room." He turned to the negro. " Bring the
lamp." They all followed Burke into the other room, where
the woman gazed at them from the bed without a sound.

"It's gonna be a long night of it at this rate," Burke said,
as they moved off down the road.

M We might git in luck at the next one," Monroe ventured.
But they did not. As before, Monroe went to the rear of
the cabin and the other two approached the front door. Here
a dog rashed at them, barking, and circled beyond their
reach, They searched the cabin systematically, while the
negro man, holding a lamp, stood in the middle of the floor,
with an expression of strain and puzzlement conquering the
$kep on his features, and the woman and the children stared at
them with a fixed and uncommunicating gaze. And at each
cairo the scene was the same: the spurt of a match and then
the watering and inadequate lamplight scarcely defining the